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South River Colony
ACS assisted with the planning of South River Colony, Main Street: Community Development -- an award-winning mixed environment community.

With 40 commercial establishments, 900 residents, parks, wetlands and an active conservancy for ongoing community planning, this remarkable breakthrough project exemplifies the results of expert planning.

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Schools aren't merely centers of learning. They are buildings designed to provide children and teachers with safe, secure, wholesome indoor environments. Places where they can study free of the threat of air-borne pollutants, pathogens and structural defects. Moreover, they should be strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions and natural forces. 

School Assessment

ACS has been privileged to work, as a subcontractor, on a number of public school facility maintenance assessments designed to help Maryland school districts continue to operate in a safe and cost-effective manner. The assessments provide officials with a complete picture of the condition of each school,  prioritized lists of both major and minor repairs and their estimated costs.

ACS inspectors consider every type of physical defect: structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical. They look for the underlying causes of damage rather than symptoms.  Our findings go into a report which rank each deficiency according to its severity and associated risks.  The report covers all mechanical systems and details which older, out-dated machines need to be replaced with newer, more energy-efficient models. It also covers certain non-structural issues and recommends low-cost fixes where practical. 

As a subcontractor, ACS places a high value on achieveing seamless communications and software integration with prime contractors. We use today's most advanced reporting software and analytic tools keep them informed and up-to-date with timely, accurate reports and information.

"Avalon strives to identify fixes for potential risks. They uncover things that could jeopardize school programs and budgets.

"They actually anticipate mechanical downtime before it happens keeping us operational with minimal disruption."

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