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South River Colony
ACS assisted with the planning of South River Colony, Main Street: Community Development -- an award-winning mixed environment community.

With 40 commercial establishments, 900 residents, parks, wetlands and an active conservancy for ongoing community planning, this remarkable breakthrough project exemplifies the results of expert planning.

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Past project highlights have included:


Participating, as a subcontractor, on a large, two-phase roadway construction project at the intersection of I-95 and the Rte. 100 corridor. This project is under the direction of Whitman-Requardt  & Associates, Wallace & Montgomery and Parsons engineering firms.


Completing bridge inspections on a Baltimore, MD project jointly managed by DMJM-Harris and WBCM Group.  Our work involved overpasses serving Druid Avenue and the Fort McHenry tunnel.


Providing independent facility assessment services as part of a large-scale project under the joint leadership of Parsons Engineering - 3DI. The project evaluated 187 Prince Georges County public schools.


Completing the first of seven MDTA road projects as part of the DMJM-Harris engineering team. Provided project management/ inspection services oversight for the construction of a new roadway involving the intersection of I-95 and Md. Rte. 24.


Serving as a Program Management subcontractor on a 3D International $2 billion-dollar Baltimore County, MD public school system renovation project.  We designed and led the effort to assess 71 schools slated for major repairs.


Providing project management services for a large-scale road expansion project, in Prince Georges County, MD.


Providing project management services for portions of South River Colony, a $400 million dollar, 2,800-acre multi-use community development project led by Exxon-Mobil Development.

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