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South River Colony
ACS assisted with the planning of South River Colony, Main Street: Community Development -- an award-winning mixed environment community.

With 40 commercial establishments, 900 residents, parks, wetlands and an active conservancy for ongoing community planning, this remarkable breakthrough project exemplifies the results of expert planning.

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Roads and Bridges

Road and bridge design, expansion, modernization and construction management is demanding engineering work with far-reaching consequences. Each successfully completed project improves public safety, enhances mobility and adds vital connections linking new residential and commercial developments to nearby population centers.

Since its inception, ACS has been instrumental in bringing these types of projects - large and small -- to successful completion, both as a lead consultant and as a valued member of multi-firm teams. We have engineered and upgraded county roads, created new interstate highway exchanges and over passes, run routine bridge safety inspections, and evaluated bridges that have experienced partial structural failures. 

We handle all site-related tests and inspections — including first-hand inspections of bridge girders and stress points.

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